We are proud to introduce our logo, designed by renowned Coast Salish artist Susan Point.


Here is a description of the symbols included in the logo from Susan Point:

There are many interpretations that can be drawn from these designs.

My initial thoughts were of the important connections the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh share to Orca. As family, there are many legends we share, including The Whale People. The Orca is the lord of the ocean, the wolf of the sea. His warriors are dolphins; sea lions are his messengers. It’s believed that when great chiefs die they become Orca. Humans and Orca are believed by Coast Salish Nations to be closely related. Orcas also symbolize long life within our culture.

I’ve incorporated three Orca dorsal fins circling together, woven like cedar bark to form a strong bond, contemporary weaving patterns based on ancient designs are seen centralized in the design, made up by the mountain and valley motifs.

The circle in the middle symbolizes not only Orca’s blowhole, but also an eye, keeping watch for the protection of each other and the younger generations within the pod. Finally, viewers will note that this is a spindle whorl design, illustrated by the central circle. Spindle whorls are a traditional tool used by the Coast Salish for spinning wool.

These colour configurations add a sense of depth and layered meaning to the three Nations working collectively.